Five benefits of using a CRM in your company

Unifying customer information will no longer be a tedious task but will become an invaluable tool that will allow you to know your buyers in detail, you will be able to follow the life cycle of your users regardless of the channel through which they communicate and each of the data you integrate from them can be transformed into trends and statistics using a CRM.

The CRM software solution, Customer Relationship Management, allows companies, and especially sales management, marketing and customer service teams, to improve their internal communication by centralizing information related to a user or sector on the same platform.

Implementing a CRM in your company is key to improving productivity, establishing strategies from a previously studied context, among other benefits that we will explain below.

Cinco Beneficios
Unifies customer information on the same platform.
Improve productivity and internal communication in the company.
Choose informed decisions in context.
Implements a flexible tool that fits with the company.
Configure who accesses what type of information.

1. Unifies customer information on the same platform

The omnicanal experience allows us to manage the interaction with customers simultaneously through different channels such as video call, chat or social networks and manage the relevant data from the same platform..

Associating all the interactions of a customer in the same platform allows to develop a direct, informed and detailed communication with the possibility of responding faster to the requirements.

In addition, building a 360° vision of each customer provides the possibility to analyze it from its particularity and not as a segment, thus allowing to increase sales and establish a closer communication.

2. Improve productivity and internal communication in the company

With the implementation of a CRM in the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection you will be able to add customer information in real time, avoiding the unnecessary sending of emails within the company, because with this contact management platform the data is crossed immediately facilitating access to all areas of the company improving internal communication.

By automating marketing tasks and generating alerts, you will reduce the time spent on operational tasks and invest it in strategic actions that increase the company's performance.

3. Choose informed decisions in context

Through the creation of detailed reports and the global vision that the information panel allows, wolkvox CRM will help you evaluate the fulfillment of tasks, know the evolution and measure the performance to favor analysis actions.

Centralizing all relevant information discriminated by time periods or different products allows you to reach accurate conclusions and make appropriate decisions. In addition, knowing the reports will allow you to identify business opportunities.

4. Implements a flexible tool that fits with the company

One of the fundamental attributes of a CRM tool is its ability to adapt to the size and needs of each business, and in this sense, wolkvox CRM stands out because its cloud-based platform is also intuitive, easy to use, friendly and flexible, favouring self-management.

Its flexibility allows the company to customize the tool and make frequent adjustments to the modules, fields, reports and information panels, while those who implement it can receive automatic updates at no cost.

5. Configure who accesses what type of information

While sharing information in real time with other members of the company is a quality of CRM, the guarantee of care for the data synchronized there is a vital need to make the platform a reliable space, which is why wolkvox CRM manages security by assigning access permissions to information and adapts to the particular needs of each company allowing you to create users, edit profiles and create groups to control actions, access and permissions for each member of the organization.