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How to choose the right Cloud Contact Center solution?

Factors such as security, functionality, integration, and customization are some of the critical elements that a company must carefully evaluate to choose a contact center cloud solution that meets the minimum operational requirements and fits the minimum expectations of the business, as selecting the right provider will always be critical to the long-term success of the processes.

At wolkvox, we have selected the five most important elements that companies should analyze to determine which cloud solution best suits each company's particular requirements.

1. Security

According to Gartner, security in cloud solutions refers to the processes, mechanisms, and services used to ensure the information's integrity. In this sense, all operations, especially those that manage sensitive data, should review the accreditations and security certifications. It is vital to check this element when purchasing a product.

In our case, wolkvox infrastructure is located in Google Cloud Platform data centers certified in ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, and SOC 3 standards.

We also have functionalities such as Hash to encrypt passwords and sensitive data; it is possible to enable/disable client information to hide it from the agent. Although data integrity is a duty shared between the provider and the user of the solution, it should be noted.

2. Functionality

We could define it as the software product's capacity to provide a set of functions that fit the users' needs, so choosing the best option depends mostly on each company's business and specific needs, so we recommended elaborating a list with the minimum required features.

The availability of updates, new functionalities launched in the market, scalability, and the possibility of growing and decreasing in services could be considered a roadmap.

Among the features that differentiate wolkvox from other cloud solution providers is the monthly release of new functionalities at no cost to the user, making up a portfolio of more than 125 complementary functionalities and the possibility of growing and decreasing services with a single click.

3. Integration and customization

The possibility of integrating and customizing communication between systems provides greater agility to processes, makes operational performance and management optimal, and, by having a source of compiled information, supports strategic decisions.

To evaluate this element in choosing the appropriate solution, we recommended taking into account that the information is shared via API, that it establishes native communication with other explanations of the same suite such as CRM, and that it is adjusted to the specific needs of the company.

wolkvox is a robust solution in terms of integration. As it allows consuming data from operations through about 132 APIs, it is also flexible and customizable. It adapts to the requirements of multi-segment customers, from very small to very large, including government entities, banking, health, product sales, among others.

4. Reliability

According to the American National Standards Institute - ANSI - software reliability can be defined as the probability that the software will function without failure for a given period in a specific environment. This feature is essential when choosing the right solution.

In the case of wolkvox, we offer high monthly end-to-end availability of 99.6%, 24/7 attention, and universal access to this software; that is, it can be used from any geography so that a company, regardless of its size, can access world-class services.

5. Cost

Finally, the cost is one of the factors that sometimes tip the balance when the qualities are similar in the previous points. Thinking about a cloud solution reduces future investment in on-premise equipment, opens the door to variable spending for services, and makes it possible and agile to increase benefits according to demand, not to mention that the SaaS model is the provider that performs the maintenance of the system.

In addition to the above benefits, wolkvox does not require investment in specialized technology. The cost is variable as it adjusts to the fluctuations of the operation and has no permanence clauses.

Why choose a cloud solution?

Improving scalability, ensuring business continuity, and increasing functionality are the main reasons why companies have chosen cloud-based solutions, according to the study "The US Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide 2021". However, choosing the right cloud solution for each company is a process that requires research and evaluation of specific features.

According to ContactBabel's survey of contact centers that have implemented cloud-based solutions, 50% say the overall cost of ownership is cheaper than on-premise solutions, 87% experienced more powerful extended functionality in the cloud environment. In comparison, 85% agree that the cloud makes it easier to make system changes.