Blog wolkvox, Are you still running your business manually? How automation can help your call center grow

Are you still running your business manually? How automation can help your call center grow

How much time a day do you spend pulling reports, updating records, checking on the progress of campaigns and overseeing agent activity? Many of these things are part of our “daily process” and take up time that we could spend growing our company. These are all things that lend themselves easily to being automated. With Wolkvox, our extensive use of API’s allow our customers to schedule and initiate building of reports, inserting records or modifying the speed of campaigns, activate/deactivate agents, modify databases, consult customer satisfaction, all which can be executed from external applications in wolkvox Contact Center and wolkvox CRM.

Among the main benefits of adding the use of Apis - application programming interface - to your company's operations are the simplification of procedures by working from unified desktops, optimizing the process of making informed decisions, and execution of actions in real-time.

A quick guide to using wolkvox APIS

Before extracting, transforming, and loading the information through the use of APIs, it is very important to consider in what way the data will be used, i.e., if the data will be analyzed in Excel, Business Intelligence, or some other data visualization software.

The second step is to choose the appropriate API taking into account what type of information needs to be analyzed in our documentation catalog ( you can consult all our APIs, which are classified as follows: agent, wolkvox CRM, Manager Reports, Reports, Campaigns, Configuration, Survey, WhatsApp and Billing.

The next step is to copy the link in a notepad, replace the required parameters to establish a secure connection of the information such as IP, token, and initial and final date of consultation when required by the nature of the data to be consulted.

It is important to take into account that the same token cannot be consumed simultaneously, so you can program the next API to be consumed when the result of the previous one is successful; it is suggested to make the query with a maximum range of 30 days and that these days correspond to the same month and in terms of time, to follow up your operation you can make a consumption every 5 minutes of the information.

Brief historical review

In the 90's the need for API communication between two or more solutions arose and still exists today. Given the difficulty of synchronizing different operating systems and software with different programming languages, the XML standard was created to achieve an exchange of information; however, this first approach had difficulties to exchange large volumes of data, since its processing was slow.

In this scenario, several attempts were made to define formats that were lighter and faster for information exchange, with the JSON format standing out in the market, promoted and popularized in the early 2000s by Douglas Crockford, and this is the format that wolkvox uses in its more than 180 APIS to exchange information.

It is important to bear in mind that the information consulted, for example in the report section, corresponds to meaningful and objective data, i.e., it reflects what is to be measured and is impartial because it takes the data directly from the operation, which is useful for creating information panels that allow a complete picture to be observed.