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Connect with your customers with the wolkvox's Messenger API for Instagram

A company gains the loyalty of its customers by being available on different channels, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These days, it is a fact that social networks, in addition to being a bridge to attract new customers, are their preferred channel when contacting companies that offer the products and services they need.

A study by Invesp, the second-largest U.S. translation rate optimization consultancy, reveals that 51% of respondents would become regular customers of a company if they have positive attention on social media. In addition, research shows that the cost of customer service could be reduced by 84% using these platforms.

But which social network should companies choose to contact their customers? Choosing the most appropriate social network depends on where each company's niche market is located. In this sense, Instagram has proven to be one of the strongest when the goal is to captivate the customer by providing them with a complete experience that pushes them to acquire what is offered. According to Facebook - the owner of Instagram since 2012 -, 90% of the billion users of the fuchsia app follow a company, 2 out of 3 people highlight that the social network allows them to interact with companies and 83% want to discover new businesses on the social network.

With the high interest and willingness from users, companies need to have the most cutting-edge technological tools to meet their demands, which 35% of the time requires a quick and efficient response at any time of the day, according to Facebook's analysis. Also, the social media conglomerate explains that 45% of customers get in touch to check product’s price, 33% seek to buy more easily and 31% want personalized attention.

By having a tool like wolkvox's Messenger API for Instagram, companies can create a virtual agent in the application, trained with immediate and effective responses for their customers, thanks to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence. With this API, it is not only possible to automatically attend to the direct messages sent by users but also has the option to activate the functions of the agent in the field of comments, to attend to users who request attention from the different publications of the companies in this social network.

wolkvox's Messenger API for Instagram isn't limited to textual responses, as it can send images and files of up to 25 MB. In addition, the agent can incorporate his signature. This API is quick to deploy and easy to use, in line with wolkvox's promise to provide cloud contact center solutions developed with state-of-the-art, innovative and simple technology.

Learn more about this API by watching the following video:

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