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Automation for more agile and less risky processes

It is necessary to evaluate the legacy systems that companies have for their process, taking into account business value, agility, cost, and risk before implementing automation tools. Identify the problem and the opportunity to modernize the process, and choose automation that generates more significant value and effect for the operation.

By the way, "it is not about automating the mess. Companies must first look in detail the step by step and get rid of processes that do not add value," explains Milind Govekar, Head of Infrastructure and Operations Research at Gartner. In simple terms, automation simplifies the work by using technology to leverage people's unique value, so then, the machine serves as a support to develop the potential of a team.

What can be automated?

All highly repetitive tasks, standardized processes through a manual or step by step, and actions that could be done in a less risky, faster, and more agile way can be automated. Still, it is not a magic tool, as it is part of the Customer Journey that a company offers to its customer.

Let's see a possible example: after a customer has purchased a cloud service; the company notifies him by SMS that his payment was received; by email, the implementation requirements, and installation instructions; and using WhatsApp from the support line, he is consulted about any concerns. These actions can be automated from wolkvox using the CRM+webhook tool to design workflows in a graphical way to use in external applications.

"Everything that can and should be automated will be automated. This is an irreversible and inevitable process," said Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner. It highlights the importance that hyper-automation will have in 2021.

It is more than productivity

Among the main advantages of automating processes, we can mention improving productivity and agility in operation because with a single click to create, delete or modify a record in a CRM can be executed actions such as email notification. Still, this process has other benefits, such as allowing the sales team to focus on the human, standardize processes based on events, segment messages to customers through conditions, and automatically update customer information.

Automation becomes a tool for developing effortless customer experience strategies, an issue on which Gartner notes that "service leaders believe that if they can exceed, not just meet, customer expectations, they will increase loyalty." Workflows designed in wolkvox's graphical interface, Diagram Studio, allow artificial intelligence tools and predictive components to optimize customer service.

The automation options are endless and diversify according to the characteristics of each company. However, Mauricio Arias Sanchez, Operations Design Leader at wolkvox, indicates that fragmented experiences and disconnected processes are mistakes that companies make while executing omnichannel strategies. Then before automating, verify which actions can depend on the machine and provide value. The rest leave it to human intervention.